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What to expect with energy intelligence software (EIS)

Get started and start saving. EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software (EIS) can unlock the power of your real-time energy data.

Demand Response 101

Get paid for participating in demand response (DR), a program that pays you for temporary reductions in your energy use during periods of peak demand or other grid constraints.

Get Started with EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software (EIS)

Leverage EnerNOC's energy intelligence software to manage energy use more efficiently and access demand response information and payment details all in one place.

Weather Normalization

Did you know you can turn on and off the weather normalized data for your buildings? The weather normalized feature allows you to see the consumption expressed in kWh or as a positive or negative percentage change for all of your buildings.

How to set up an alert within the EIS application

Setting up alerts are easy within the EIS application. Set yourself up for success, start using alerts to more intelligently manage your energy.

How to Analyze Utility Data with UBM

Now that your data is centralized in one application, it is time to start analyzing it. With this powerful data analytics engine you can start to answer questions like: Which of my sites are the most over/under budget? and How am I tracking against my GHG goals?

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